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When was the last time you Googled your business?

What did you see?

Did you like it?

Welcome to your online brand

I love this exercise, because it puts ourselves in the eyes of our buyers.

It’s exciting to design a new website for your business.

You pick the perfect template. Then get someone to customize it with your style kit (or maybe get a new one).

We’re all short on time in our businesses right now. 

This weekend’s wedding(s). Last week’s editing. Next year’s inquiries.

A great blog is crucial to attracting more and better inquiries.

But wait. Before we dive into this post, we want to be very clear:

We’re not only talking about portfolio-based blog posts.…

Wedding planners need incredible websites.

We’d wager planners need better sites than any other professional in the industry.


Your homepage is the lynchpin to booking more couples. It sits at the intersection of your wedding business, smack dab where marketing meets sales.…

We all know a great website is crucial to booking more couples. But if you think it’s mostly about how it looks think again. In fact, it’s probably the reason you’re not seeing the results you want.…

It’s estimated 80% of visitors will skim your website. For wedding photographers – who focus on showcasing their visual products to would-be clients – the percentage may be even higher.…

Do you have a friend in the industry who seems to fill her calendar with incredible clients and budgets for weddings that wow?…

Last week I shared two things that probably surprised you:

  1. Stop wasting so much time trying to get leads from IG

  2. Leave planners alone and seek referrals elsewhere

I want to be clear.

It’s always easier - and more successful - when you have an expert guiding the way. Reach out to schedule a 1:1 session with sales, copywriting and business strategy expert, Sam Jacobson. You’ll leave the conversation feeling confident about your next big move.

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