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058: Discovery Call Must-Dos

014: When and How to Raise Prices

073: 7 Big Website Mistakes

054: Selling to Different Buyer Types

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It’s not easy to run a business - especially if it’s a business of one. Like you, I had experts show me the way when I was ready to level up. Now I share advice on how to grow a successful company using proven approaches based on behavioral science and honed through 17 years in the events industry. 

No one’s born knowing everything. So stop trying to “fake it till you make it.”

I'm Sam Jacobson


Sam’s content is informative and actionable.

dean doodles

I have found it extremely helpful in understanding and deciding my ideal client is and how to set up my processes to best serve them and sell to them. Thanks Sam, I love your content!

Actionable, thorough, insightful!

erika aileen

I always look forward to a new episode dropping! Sam keeps things simple and clear, but incredibly actionable and insightful. I want to consume as much information and analysis from Sam as possible!

Sam is so knowledgeable!

vibrant corina

He’s like a walking encyclopedia of sales strategy and the psychology of the buyer. I just love listening to his coaching and my business brain lights up each and every time! Oh, and of course he has the best radio voice in the wedding biz!

Why Your “Why” Matters


Design a Website for Your Ideal Client


6 Popular Sales Tactics that Backfire

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You want to learn how to make it easier for clients to buy from you with behavioral science.

You want to let your website do the selling with copy and design centered on conversion, not fluff.

You want to present services and prices engineered with “choice architecture.”

You want insights from a bona fide persuasion expert with 20 years of business experience.

You want practical advice on how to create a business strategy that meets your biggest goals. 

This Podcast is for you if...

Stop trying to fake it till you make it. Save years of struggle by DIYing and get the practical, actionable insights you need to own your business.

You might get far with natural ability, charisma, connections and even a little luck. But eventually you reach a place where you need help getting from where you are to where you want to go. And it’s a lot faster (and less risky) if you’re guided by an expert who’s helped thousands of others reach their full potential too.

Every business owner gets stuck at some point. It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when.”

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