12 Blog Ideas for Wedding Pros

A great blog is crucial to attracting more and better inquiries.

But wait. Before we dive into this post, we want to be very clear:

We’re not only talking about portfolio-based blog posts. You know the ones with a bunch of images, a story about the couple, and links to their vendors. Yes, these real weddings should absolutely 100% be part of your blog strategy, but they’re not the only kind of content you should share.

What every wedding pro needs to stand out in the crowded marketplace is a blog filled with content that addresses what couples care about.

And what is that? Their biggest concerns and deepest desires, of course!

8 reasons to write a blog with copy content

A content blog helps your website in many ways:

  1. Provides big value to couples searching online for useful information about their wedding
  2. Helps boost SEO rankings by including keywords on relevant topics, especially when you post regularly
  3. Creates site engagement with meaningful content that takes 3-5 minutes to read.
  4. Develops authority in your field by demonstrating how your skills and experience help get clients what they want
  5. Showcases venues you’re familiar with (to reassure potential clients)
  6. Spotlights vendors you work with (as a form of social proof that you’re good at what you do)
  7. Provides future clients with information and understanding about your services
  8. Prepares couples to buy faster and with more confidence through insights into what others like them need from a vendor like you

In fact, the more you charge for your services, the more value and reassurance you have to provide to couples searching online. A content-rich blog offers massive ROI.

What blog content should wedding pros write about? 

The key to booking more couples is to provide the right information at the right time in the right way. How do you know what to present at different times? Let’s simplify the buyer’s journey into three phases are:

  1. Awareness – Couples are trying to understand their own needs
  2. Consideration – Couples are learning what you do to meet the needs they now know about
  3. Decision – Couples want to know you’re a good value and good bet compared to others who offer the same thing(s) you do.

Research shows your site visitors are spread fairly equally amongst each phase. The best approach is to write content for all stages of the buyer’s journey, because you want the blog to appeal to your ideal buyers not matter where they’re at in making the decision.

Early awareness content focuses on client needs

When couples are early in the process of choosing a wedding vendor, they don’t always know what they need.

They think they know what they want, because they saw it on Pinterest, or in an IG feed, or on a blog or publication showcasing extraordinary work. But we all know what couples want and what they can afford aren’t always the same.

They need help. So give it to them. Make it easy for them to identify what they want and why it’s going to cost more than they imagine. What style do they prefer? What personality in vendors do they feel most comfortable with? How much time will it take? How many people are involved in the process? What concerns do others like them have? What desires do others like them have?

1) If you’re a photographer, write about different editing styles and how they alter the image

2) If you’re a planner, write about the difference between full-service planning, month-of event management, or a hybrid in the middle – and which one is a good fit for you

3) If you’re a stationer, write about how the event starts the moment a guest is invited to it – and why skimping on stationery decreases interest in attending the event

4) If you’re a floral designer, write about what arrangements give the most bang for the buck – and how you can wow every guest without breaking the budget

Share benefits (not features) with couples who know what they want

For site visitors who already know what they need, it’s time to share what you do.

But don’t waste your time dumping features on them. That’s too sales-y for the blog. Besides it’s best to share details like that in your proposal so they can compare apples with apples next to others they’re considering.

Instead, write about the benefits of working with you. What do you do for your clients? How does it help them save time/money, make decisions with less stress, or showcase their style? What do you differently than others in your field? How do you stand out from others in your market?

5) If you’re a videographer, write about how you collaborate with the photographer to make sure you’re not stepping in each others’ view or using so much gear the ceremony feels like a movie set

6) If you’re a hair and make-up artist, write about how you use only the best, most expensive and hardest-to-find products

7) If you’re a DJ, write about how you get to know your couples through more than a questionnaire – and why it makes a difference

8) If you’re in A/V, write about how you frequently work with your ideal client’s venues, which means you can get in and out of there fast to reduce labor expenses

Content to push couples over the finish line in the buyer’s journey

In complex sales transactions, we know the most importa
nt criteria at the end of the decision-making process is reducing risk. Perceived value is a close second. So, wedding pros have to do two things for potential couples who’ve already received a proposal from you and are comparing it to proposals from others.

1.      Show your expertise and authority

2.     Demonstrate ALL the perks of working with you

Remember, you may have only talked to one of the people getting married, and you might have other decision-makers lurking behind the scenes, like a BFF or parents. Millennials often make group choices when it matters most, like with a wedding vendor, so give the group everything everyone needs to know to make a decision in your favor. 

Focus blog posts on reassurance and value: What experience do you have in your field that others don’t? What’s your client process and how is it better than others? How do you create consistently incredible designs? Who do you regularly work with that’s well-respected in the market?

9) If you’re a photographer, write about how you collaborate with planners/coordinators and the couple to create a timeline that works for everyone

10) If you’re a venue or a caterer, write about the staff ratios you use to keep lines at the bar short

11) If you’re a floral designer, write about how you go directly to the farm to ensure the clients receive only the freshest flowers

12) If you’re a band, talk about how you read the room and shift your sets based on audience energy

Done well, the cornerstone content on your blog will offer something for everyone, no matter what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in. It’ll be the foundation you build your trust and value on.

We hope these blog content ideas for wedding pros get you going – and make it easier to write about something your best clients want to know more about.

If you like the concept but don’t have time or skills to write your own content, reach out to Ideaction and we’ll do the hard work for you.

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