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Did you ever watch the Discovery channel show, “Myth Busters”? It was one of my favorites, because you got the real scoop on things you’ve heard a lot and thought were true. …

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How are you feeling right now about your 2023 calendar? Or 2024?

Many (most?) wedding pros I talk to feel a bit worried about what’s on the books. …

Expert Coach and Copywriter for Wedding Pros

Someone once told me that you can’t scale luxury. Actually, I’ve heard it from a lot of different people in the wedding industry.

I don’t believe it to be true.

How many times have you gotten an inquiry from an ideal client with a huge budget, but the date they want is already booked?

So frustrating.

It’s hard to burn out when you love your job.

So why do so many wedding pros struggle with peak season?

The simplest explanation must be: You don’t love your job.

When was the last time you Googled your business?

What did you see?

Did you like it?

Welcome to your online brand

I love this exercise, because it puts ourselves in the eyes of our buyers.

Pssst. Lean in. I wanna tell you a little secret and it works better if you’re closer to the screen. Go ahead. I’ll wait….

Okay, you ready?

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