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Did you ever watch the Discovery channel show, “Myth Busters”? It was one of my favorites, because you got the real scoop on things you’ve heard a lot and thought were true. …

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How many times have you gotten an inquiry from an ideal client with a huge budget, but the date they want is already booked?

So frustrating.

Yesterday, I was talking with a client who hired me to help book more clients at higher rates.

This is the number one reason people reach out to me for coaching, so I thought I’d share a bit of the story with you this week.

I want to share a big win one of my clients had last week. Actually, it’s two, because it also happened a few weeks ago, as well, but we’ll focus on the most recent one.

Every wedding pro knows what it’s like to get ghosted by a couple who inquires. 

You see their email in your inbox. You respond super-fast with a personal email and beautiful pricing guide filled with gorgeous images, all the information they requested, and a well-written blurb about you and your experience.

Wedding pros spend a lot of time and money making sure your website looks amazing – and many take the next step with great copy. But all the beautiful designs and compelling copy can’t overcome certain obstacles elsewhere on the site.

Stop reading if you’re 100% confident asking potential clients how much they want to spend on your services.

And I’m not talking about “asking” through a field on your contact form.

If the number one job for your website is to generate inquiries, what’s the second most important thing it does for your business?

Here are some contenders:


What does it mean to “qualify” a client? 

Most people focus on the budget. And, yes, that’s certainly a criterion to include when qualifying a potential client. 

I decided I wanted to put my research focus on pricing psychology in December 2016.

I already knew quite a bit about the topic at the time.

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