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At some point, we all get stuck.
The question is: How do you get going in the right direction?

It’s fun to be your own boss. But it’s hard to run a business, especially if it’s a company of one. None of us are born knowing everything, and you can’t be amazing in all the areas your business needs.

Like you, we had experts who showed us the way when we started out and when we leveled up. We’ve led companies and sales teams in the event industry for 20+ years and studied the science of sales and marketing along the way. 

We started Ideaction in 2016 to create shortcuts for wedding pros who want better clients with bigger budgets - and know they’re doing it right.

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tamara gruner, photographer

"Sam is a joy to work with. His positive energy and attitude leaves no space for worries. 

I also got my website updated in a way to attract my ideal clientele which brought me to the next level. I highly recommend working with Sam if you feel stuck in your business."

mike zawadzki, photographer

"I've built a long-term and trust-based relationship with Katy and Sam. 

They've helped me with my business a little bit at a time. Then, when I decided to make some big choices, it was an easy call to go with them."

lisa havard, planner

"Sam and Katy understand the struggles of wedding professionals.

Professionally, they have been where we are and through experience and research have developed a proven process to help wedding professionals reach their goals."

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