5 Questions to Ask to Get Transformational Testimonials

We all know testimonials are super important to potential clients. Why? Risk is a huge factor at the end of the decision-making process, and knowing others loved your services makes new buyers feel more confident you’ll do the same for them.

Not all testimonials are the same, though.

You know what I’m talking about:

“Sam was so great to work with and solved all my business problems. I’d recommend him to anyone in the wedding industry!”

While the words are encouraging and I’m glad I made an impact on this particular client, it doesn’t connect with people actually considering working with me. It’s missing details that matter, a concern ideal buyers identify with, trigger phrases used by clients, and a story that grabs my attention.

Getting a client to write ANYthing is hard. How do we get them to write the perfect testimonial?

Ask the perfect questions!

What was most important to you with [insert your wedding service]?

This question will get them to share what they wanted, what their deepest needs were. You want to match priorities for new buyers with testimonials from past clients.

Example: “We wanted a photographer who made us feel comfortable and captured natural, unposed moments. We also had a budget we wanted to stick with.”

What were your biggest concerns about [insert your wedding service]?

Help them articulate their problems so you can get other buyers to identify. You’ll get a range of concerns over time, and you’ll be able to address specific problems for potential buyers thoroughly.

Example: “Most of the photographers we talked with had lots of staged people in their images. We were worried that would make us feel awkward and also take us away from our friends and family at the wedding. Most of the photographers we looked at and liked were out of our budget.”

Why did you pick our services?

You want buyers to see the path forged by others before them and trust it’s going to work for them. The first step is show them the way with details.

Example: “We saw your images on IG and immediately fell in love. It was so natural-looking and just what we wanted. Nothing posed, just real moments. Then we inquired and found that you were only a little more than our budget. We decided to splurge a little bit and make sure we loved the images.”

How was the experience for you with our services?

You want every testimonial to mention results. Ultimately, your potential client is trying to ensure they get what they want, and if you can show that through others you’re on your way.

Example: “The photos were incredible! We love looking back on them, reliving the day with our friends and family. We never felt awkward or uncomfortable at the wedding – and you can see how relaxed we are in the images.”

Any advice for others considering [insert your wedding service]?

Present a chance for past clients to frame the conversation and put forward questions that couples just starting out can and should ask themselves or learn from. Third-party expertise from real couples is loads better than it coming from you.

Example: “If you really want to love the photos forever, spend a little extra so you can get a great photographer like Sam. When we look at our photos compared to what our friends got from their cheaper photographer we know we made the right decision!”

Each answer to these questions is helpful in sales proposals and website copy. Even better is when you can string the answers together for your past client to tell a story about how they transformed from wanting something but seeing only obstacles to getting what they want and feeling great about it.

So put on an interviewer hat and make it easy for past clients to tell future clients why you’re the one for them.


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