Business strategy & sales coaching for wedding pros

1:1 business coaching

You feel stuck - and want to know what’s holding you back

You feel overwhelmed and want to feel passionate about work again

You don’t know what direction to take the business and want clarity

You want to elevate your business and a step-by-step to make it happen

Are you ready for business coaching?

Tell us if these sound familiar...

What if Running your business didn't have to be so hard?

It’s not fun to learn from mistakes. Trials and errors cost you time and money. And faking it till you make it is stressful, because you always feel like an imposter.

Lean into the screen and we’ll let you in on a little secret: You can skip all that by hiring an experienced guide to show you the way. To provide a shortcut. And give you the confidence to know you’re running your business the right way.

We’ve run companies, led teams, and coached 150+ 1:1 clients to success in the events industry for nearly 17+ years. We can help you too.

laura moriarty, executive coach

"Sam is driven, entrepreneurial and whip-smart with a healthy dose of practical experience."

Business owners and leaders often need a wingman, someone to complement the skill sets that built their companies and made them successful. If you’re looking for a ringer to take your company to the next level by way of exponential rather than incremental improvement, take a look at Sam’s achievements, then have a conversation. He may be the game-changer you’re looking for.

what they're saying

It’s not your job to know what’s broken. It’s ours. And we’re really (really) good at spotting what’s not working.

The fix is often easy, because we’ve got a big bag of tools for anything and everything in your business. That’s what happens when you devote a 20-year career to growing hospitality and event businesses like we have.

The biggest value we offer is finding the right problems to solve

90-Minute 1:1 Session

Pinpoint the biggest issues to address

Clarify the goals you have for your business

Identify the obstacles getting in your way

Create an action plan to reach your goals

The best way to start coaching is with a single session. No long-term commitment, and all the advice you need to head in the right direction. Plus you'll get access to (1) Masterclass of your choosing.

Our clients find they get very clear very fast on what needs to be done.

Compass Consultation

Feel like you need more than one session? Or like the idea of a professional accountability partner?

We’ve got you covered with options that involve monthly or quarterly check-ins. But the first step is always a starter 90-minute 1:1 session to see if it’s a good fit and map out the best path for you and your business.

STARTING AT 265/month

Long-Term Coaching

listen now

You’ll put a ton of trust in who you pick to guide your company. If you’re unsure about bringing us in to lead the way, listen to a few episodes of our podcast, Own Your Business. You’ll get a sense of our style and business savvy without spending a dime!

We get it. It’s a big step to hire a business coach.

On the Fence?

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