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One of the best parts about working with Ideaction to elevate your business is that we grow with you. We design our services to meet you where you are right now. And in the future. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of 1:1 clients and written 200+ websites over the years. As our clients found more success, we jumped at the opportunity to create new courses, masterminds and retreats to get them to the next level, no matter where they hit a plateau.

Whatever that is for you.

Take a look at our programs. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Our signature training shows how to sell your services based on buyers’ psychology. Learn the sales process and skills you need through 38 lessons over 10+ hours.

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& Courses

The event industry’s only 12-month mastermind focused exclusively on marketing and selling to your ideal client. Features a mix of group coaching, 1:1 work, brand strategy, and done-for-you services.

Part immersive strategy session, part luxury vacation. We designed this in-person experience to dive deep into your business and map out the next 1-3 years, and leave with your next big moves lined up.

Just for planners, this 3-month program shows you how to sell and service full-planning clients. Get out of the month-of rut and start booking couples who recognize the value you bring to their celebration.

We’re still developing the content for these deep dives on marketing and selling your services. Single sessions cover referrals, website, discovery calls, proposals, closing the deal, buyer types, communication and dozens of other topics. 

Just for videographers, this 3-month program offers advanced marketing and sales training for film-makers who want to move into premium and luxury markets. Everything you need to attract and book better clients.

"The Shift Retreat is for people who want to change their life, not just their business!"

- Romin Zandi
Owner of Zandi Entertainment

Yes, be proud of what you’ve accomplished. But recognize that doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always received.

Start by booking more for your business. Then learn how to charge more. Eventually you’ll put yourself in a position to get more. Sure, more money. And also more time. Because that’s what we all want from being our own boss.

What got you from A to B won’t get you from B to C (or C to D)

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We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

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