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Remember back in the olden days, when you showed up to networking events with a purse or pocket full of business cards? Bahaha. Now you just show them your IG handle and call it a day, right? Wrong. At least not if you want to make any traction with a potential referral partner. 

Meeting a planner or venue to refer you more clients is just the first step. The next - and more difficult - task is to get them to believe you’re the right fit for their clients. That is the first sale you must make if you want to get those referrals. 

And it’s a heckuva lot easier if you’ve got a dedicated landing page to introduce yourself and “why you” over all the others knocking hard to get on their preferred vendor list. Use this dedicated page to get your foot in the door with would-be referral partners!

Who doesn’t want more inquiries from planners and venues? Couples who come on recommendation from referral partners book at 3-5x the conversion rate as other sources of business. And now you can use this mini-sales page to introduce yourself as the vendor planners and venues want to refer.

We’ve included detailed prompts for every single section, so you’ll never wonder if what you put into the template is the right thing. You’ll feel 100% confident your sales proposal is the perfect pitch.

Take the guesswork out of what to write in your proposals


On any phone without pinching and pulling the screen to try to read it. Keep it easy by allowing them to simply scroll the page.

Couples can easily access information about your products and services.


With The Page, Including Layout, Content, And Information Order. Every last detail is put in place because we know it will convince the reader to take action on your offer.

Know you’re using the best of buyer psychology


Learn how and when someone interacts with the proposal using Google Analytics and Hotjar, so you can see what they’re interested in and how best to follow up.  

Get the same analytics for your proposal that you receive with your main site. 


We’ll guide you through each section and provide the “why” behind the “how” and “what” you’re putting onto the page.

Learn what to do for every spot in your template with step-by-step tutorials. 



Stop wondering if the content you create is good enough.


As a private webpage connected to your site, your proposal will naturally incorporate your brand colors, fonts and logo.

Ditch those expensive graphic designers, and make it easy on yourself to update.


We offer a complimentary review of whatever you make with the template, so you know for sure that you’re doing things right on the site.

  • Beautiful Showit template for you to customize with your style kit and add as a hidden page
  • Conversion copywriting formulas dedicated to a reader in the “solution aware” stage
  • Detailed prompts so you know exactly what goes in each template block
  • Helpful video tutorials from our conversion copywriting team on what goes where and why
  • Expert training on how to get more couples to move forward in your sales process after your initial response
  • On-demand support for any questions along the way




Julian Leaver, Owner, Julian Leaver Events

"The separate page that you created for the Vow Whisperer is incredibly self-explanatory and it is super clear exactly what she does."

Her services are really cool and actually super affordable and having a page that speaks directly to our company as a planner is very helpful."

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