• How to generate more inquiries from ideal clients
  • How to optimize and improve your contact page
  • How to get the conversation started with couples who inquire
  • The ideal inquiry workflow and follow-up schedule
  • Top inquiry response do’s and don'ts
  • Ways you may be causing friction in the sales process
  • 7 steps to start improving your inquiry responses now

Respond To Inquiries
The Right Way

How can you get more inquiries and pre-qualify potential clients? How can you get couples to start the conversation and keep it going? If you’re getting ghosted early on by potential clients, it’s time to take a deeper look at your inquiry response process.

In this masterclass, you’ll unlock the proven strategies and tactics for responding to inquiries in the right way, guaranteed to leave couples looking forward to their next interaction with you.

Workbook included to help you map out an inquiry response approach that results in more discovery calls and more bookings with ideal clients.

You'll Learn:

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