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Use a sales proposal created by sales and copywriting experts. With powerful, persuasive copy prompts in every section!

Stop getting ghosted when you share pricing

Push the easy button and have our do it all. First, we'll fill in your new custom proposal template with persuasive copy that converts. Following that, our design team will customize your template so it’s “on brand”.


Start with prompts and video tutorials, then have our copywriting team research your buyers’ biggest concerns and desires - and create the most persuasive copy for your new template.


Template + Tutorials

Get our Showit template filled with user-friendly prompts. It’s ready for you to start writing proposals that win bookings and help you charge more. Includes a simple, step-by-step masterclass taught by Sam.


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Julian Leaver, Luxury Event Planner

"Ideaction’s proposal strategy is the best I’ve encountered. 

"Ideaction’s proposal strategy is the best I’ve encountered. 

I’ve closed more business and had more direct compliments on how my proposal far outweighs the competition."

mike zawadzki, photographer

"I've built a long-term and trust-based relationship with Katy and Sam. 

They've helped me with my business a little bit at a time. Then, when I decided to make some big choices, it was an easy call to go with them."

lisa havard, planner

"Sam and Katy understand the struggles of wedding professionals.

Professionally, they have been where we are and through experience and research have developed a proven process to help wedding professionals reach their goals."

what they're saying

NEWS ALERT: The number one reason you’re getting ghosted is because you’re sending out the right information — but at the wrong time & in the wrong way.

Instead, use our method and know you’re getting the most successful booking approach in the event industry.

Dump your PDF Pricing Guide

what you get

With Our Proposal

Create a compelling and customizable sales brochure that couples can read anytime and anywhere. With our mobile-optimized proposal, your couples can easily access information about your products or services on any computer or personal device.


Take the guesswork out of what to write in your proposals. We’ve included detailed prompts for every single section, so you’ll never wonder if what you put into the template is the right thing. You’ll feel confident your sales proposal is pitch perfect.


Ditch those expensive printed marketing materials or PDFs once and for all. Instead, send a Services Guide guaranteed to always be on brand. As a private web page connected to your site, your proposal will naturally incorporate your brand colors, fonts and logo. 


Know exactly how and where to use elements of copy, testimonials and social proof to connect, overcome objections and minimize feelings of risk. And not only does our template show you exactly how to use the testimonials, but our video tutorials make it easy to get them.


Discover how image placement, layout and wire-framing all contribute to your proposal readers getting through the information you want to share. With attention spans getting shorter these days, our template incorporates techniques that are sure to get your words read.


Learn how and when someone interacts with your proposal. Easily track when the page is opened, how long it’s viewed, and how many others view it using Google Analytics. And using Hotjar (a free app), you can watch readers scroll through and interact with your site.

TRACKABLE analytics

THAT works best FOR YOU

Choose the Option

Get ready to book more events at higher rates without spending a ton of time customizing a proposal. We’ve thought of absolutely everything you need to create extraordinary guides to your services and pricing. 

Proposal Template with Copy Prompts

  • Clean and beautiful design for any Showit site
  • Fully optimized for mobile 
  • Plug-and-play sections
  • Prompts for every part of the proposal (Lorem Ipsum is only on the demo)
  • 10 key proposal components 
  • Attention-grabbing layout keeps readers scrolling
  • Conversion copywriting best-practices
  • Pricing and package design tutorials
  • 90-minute proposal masterclass to guide you through the process



If you’re too busy or overwhelmed to write your own copy, hire a pro to handle all the hard stuff. And get back to doing what you do best: taking care of your clients!
  • Sample intro for your ideal buyer’s desires
  • Top testimonials placed correctly
  • Package descriptions written for your most common offers
  • Competitive advantage statements to make you stand out 
  • Gallery intros to earn click-throughs with ease
  • Sample next steps to keep you from getting ghosted

Template + Conversion Copywriting

Stop guessing what to write and get our team of trained conversion copywriters to do the work for you. 

Not only will you get the high-converting template…and the step-by-step walk-through on how to create super-compelling sales proposals, but we’ll also write out all the important sections to show you how it’s done.

Looking for the easy button? (Who isn’t?!) You don’t have time to DIY uploading the copy and images into your first proposal. Leave it to us and we’ll take care of everything. You get all the goodies:

Template + Conversion Copywriting & Design

  • Beautifully designed Showit template
  • 90-minute masterclass with Sam 
  • Conversion copywriting for every section

  • We’ll upload the copy into the template
  • Customize the template with your style kit
  • Add your favorite images to the template


Jeffrey Jebara, Photographer

You saved me a decade of trial and error. A total godsend. And my couples' feedback on the process is the proof in the pudding."

"The new proposal process is jammin'. I’ve booked 5 out of 5 that I’ve sent out. One was my highest paying job ever! 

what they're saying

Yes, you can easily add your own fonts, colors and logo to the design.

Can I change the style kit?


We've Got Answers

What website platforms will this work on?

Right now, it's only available for Showit

Easily. You get the proposal template installed on your site but keep it unpublished and hidden from Google. When you get an inquiry, you duplicate the page, tweak the intro, packages, pricing and next steps, and then send it out to the couple with a unique URL. Simple.

How does a tailored webpage proposal approach work?

Yes. However, we don't recommend sending packages and prices to couples when they first inquire. You should get them on the phone for a discovery call to learn what they need - and then you can send a proposal for services with specific pricing. We promise you the ghosting will lessen and the bookings will increase if you make this change - even if you don't use our proposal template!

Can this replace my current PDF pricing guide?

Sort of. CRMs remind us of the saying: "A jack of all trades is a master of none." Your CRM makes life easy for you, but it's not the best proposal tool on the market. This template is. Send out the link to the webpage that hosts the template through your CRM to optimize your conversion rates and increase how much you charge.

Can this be used with my CRM?

Yes. But not very much. We recommend a tailored approach for every couple who inquires, but you don't have to start from scratch. This template does 95% of the work. You'll only have to rewrite a few short paragraphs based on each couple's desires and concerns. And you'll have to swap in and out the services & pricing. Lastly, you'll have to fill in some blanks on next steps toward the end.

Will I have to modify the proposal for different clients?

How long does it take to modify a proposal for each couple?

10-20 minutes. Most pros will be able to write an intro section and modify the packages and pricing fairly quickly. It may take longer when you start, but with practice it becomes easier. Of course, you can get pretty detailed with swapping out images, testimonials and benefit statements - but you'll see 90% of the results you want by spending just an extra bit of time personalizing the proposal. However, with less work trying to get more inquiries (because you're booking so many of what's already coming in) and charging more (because people feel so much value) you'll spend less time overall on marketing and sales with this proposal approach.

Yes. The proposal template is designed around how humans process information and make decisions. These universal principles are the same for any vendor category in any market in any culture.

How does it work if your team does the copywriting?

You'll get four lessons from our signature Blueprint to Book More sales training: 1) 10 Core Components of a Compelling Sales Proposal, 2) Pricing Presentation, 3) Package Design, and 4) Transformational Testimonials. The total view time is about 80 minutes.

What's in the video tutorials?

Forever. You can access the mini-course through our online platform whenever you like.

How long do I get the videos?

Will this work for my field?

We sit with you for 30-60 minutes to learn about your brand, your comp set, and what motivates your favorite clients. Then, we do our own research online. Lastly, we pull from market information we've gathered doing brand communication strategies for copywriting and sales coaching clients. Only after we do all this work do we write the copy that goes in your proposal.

Will this work for luxury wedding couples?

Yes. Our proposal approach is most important for luxury couples, because 1) They need to see even more value in your services to pay the higher prices, 2) They have multiple decision-makers involved who need to hear directly from you why you're the best choice, and 3) If you sell through referrals from planners who don't let you talk directly with the client your proposal is doing ALL the work for you.

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