• Custom proposal strategy that makes it easy for clients to pick YOU over others and feel confident in their decision 
  • 11 components of a high-converting custom proposal
  • How to build value and justify your prices by highlighting the right reasons to choose you 
  • A tried-and-true conversion copywriting method that guides couples to see your services as the perfect solution to their problems
  • How to make the people reading the proposal feel like you’ve written it specifically for them
  • Tips on how to share your proposals and follow-up afterwards

Create Compelling
Sales Proposals

What is different and better about your services compared to other wedding pros in your field? Sending generic pdf proposals (AKA using the “pdf and pray” approach) is an outdated, complicated way to present your services that is likely to result in you sharing the wrong information at the wrong time - or even worse, get you ghosted by a potential client.

In this masterclass, you’ll get everything you need to create a custom, phone-friendly proposal that converts more couples at higher prices.

Workbook included to help you follow along with and implement our persuasive proposal strategy.

You'll Learn:

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