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  • 5-point referral plan for vendors to send business your way
  • 7 ways to develop and maintain connections
  • 8 proven tactics to nurture referral partner relationships
  • 3-step process to get more bookings from couples’ friends and family
  • 9 fundamental characteristics of an extraordinary gift 
  • 6 times you can utilize gifting to make clients feel important

Build an Active Referral Network

Stop booking “bad” inquiries from unqualified clients simply to fill your calendar. Instead, focus on attracting the right people to your website using a high-converting marketing channel: a strong referral network that supports your business.

Learn a comprehensive strategy for managing the lifecycle of getting and maintaining a solid referral base. Backed by Behavioral Psychology principles, this masterclass is designed to help you stay top-of-mind and tip-of-tongue for clients and vendors - without coming off as salesy or annoying.


Workbook included to help you follow along with our easy-to-implement strategies.

You'll Learn:

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