Websites for Different Buyer Types

Last week, I wrote about WHAT motivates your ideal clients to book your services – and how you have to create messages with words and images that trigger those desires.

This week, you’ll get insights about HOW they want to receive those messages.

Because people filter the world in different ways, and if you want to book your best clients you have to speak their language.

One of the most important things you can do – as a leader, as a creative, as a salesperson for your services, as a business owner – is meet them where they prefer to connect:

  1. Through relationships

  2. Through information

  3. Through action

  4. Or through ideas

How does your ideal client process the world? How do they best absorb what they see and hear? Which of the 5,000+ marketing messages/day actually get through their filters?

If you’ve learned about my concept of buyer types, you know what I’m talking about. And you also know how impactful it is if you want to book more ideal clients at higher prices. If you’re not in-the-know, check out this episode Katy and I did about Relaters, Analyzers, Bosses, and Dreamers.

How to deal with unqualified buyers on your website

One of the challenges we all face when selling our services is that all sorts of people shop your store – that is, shop your website.

The #1 goal for marketing is to generate a visit to your store. Referrals, Instagram, listing sites like The Knot, publications, SEO, blogging, Pinterest. They all have one thing in common: Click through to your website.

And the #1 goal for your site is to get people to inquire. Everything should be designed to make that happen.

But you don’t want just anyone heading to your inbox, because you don’t have time to waste responding to inquiries from unqualified buyers. 

So how do you “prequalify” them to see if they’re a good fit before they reach out?

Design a filter they have to pass through. 

Get “mostly” ideal clients in your inbox

Let’s say you prefer to work with people who speak language X instead of W or Y or Z. But all four are in your store – or on your website. You’ve got to pick a primary language to use throughout the store. 

This is the filter that will screen out flawed buyers from ideal clients.

Because you may have the most amazing things to tell the people in your store (your messages), but if they don’t speak your language, they’ll never understand WHAT you’re saying. That’s a good thing for those who are a good fit – and annoying for those who aren’t.

Here’s the big takeaway: You can effectively design a site to “speak” the primary language of your favorite clients. 

Website design is more than just making it pretty

Every website is made of components like copy and images that communicate WHAT you’re trying to say. But did you know that user experience is HOW you’re saying it? And that’s largely based on the ideal client’s browsing and consumption preferences: 

  • What proportion of the site should be images vs. copy?

  • Do they want more white space or more activity on the page?

  • How many CTAs do you need to put on?

  • How many words will they read before they get bored?

  • Where do you put as-seen-in and other badges? Higher or lower on the page?

  • What do you put in your About section and page? 

  • And dozens of other tweaks to make based on the ideal client

All of these depend on what buyer type you’re hoping to work with, and what language they use to communicate with the world.

How can you communicate in a way that’s easy for ideal clients, but makes those who aren’t a good fit feel like they should look elsewhere for the kind of experience they want?  

Sites for different ideal clients

On this week’s podcast, Katy and I dive into all four buyer types and how each wants to experience your website. We’ll also share how you can better identify your ideal client’s buyer type. 

Do you want to how to start setting up your site based on your favorite couples’ “language” preferences?


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