The “perfect” inquiry response email

Every wedding pro wants to fill their calendar. Ten dates, 20 dates, 30 dates…whatever the number, you want to fill it with high-paying clients who are easy/fun to work with. And every booking starts with an inquiry.

So, when one lands in your inbox it’s exciting! If you’re hard up on inquiries, it could be cause for celebration. (Finally, all that hard work dancing and point to the air on Reels and TikTok paid off!) And if you already get enough interest in your services, it’s still nice to have another opportunity to check off another date.

If you can get them to respond. 

A lot of that has to do with how fast you can get back to them. (Read last week’s post for more about that.)

But even if you’re the first one to respond, you still have to win them over with what’s inside the email.

Unfortunately, this is where many wedding pros make a misstep.

Right info, wrong way

If you’re getting back to inquiries fast and still getting ghosted, it’s time to check your email response. It’s tempting to share everything they’ll need to know to book your services – but don’t do that. You’ll bury the couple with an avalanche of information. It’s too much all at once

Remember: Your number one objective with the inquiry is to qualify them on a discovery call, not book them with your response. 

  • Keep the email short

  • Personalize it

  • Give them a great reason to get on the phone (“because I can learn your priorities and create a custom proposal with accurate pricing”) 

  • Ask for a quick, 15-20 minute call.

Sam’s “perfect” inquiry response

Here’s a sample of what that can look like:

Hi _____ –

Glad you reached out about your wedding! I love [the venue they’ve chosen or season they’re getting married] because [insert a reason that reaffirms a smart choice on their part].

Yes, I’m 100% available for the date. Nice. 

And yes, I can get you pricing information as well. My services start at $X, and I can get you specifics based on your event and priorities. 

Most people find a quick 20-minute call works well because I can learn a bit more about the wedding and what’s important to you. 

I have time today until 4 pm? Tomorrow between 8-10 am? Or Thursday from 4-6 pm? 

What works best for you?


My clients find this works more than 75% of the time. You’re not going to get them all, but this approach works incredibly well to get the conversation going.

If you want to hear more about what works and what doesn’t on an inquiry response, tune into my 20-minute podcast episode from this week. 

You’ll get insights on what you might be doing right now that’s preventing progress with potential clients. And you’ll also hear how to deal with inquiries directly from planners.


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