5 Website Fixes You Can Make Today

We all know a great website is crucial to booking more couples. But if you think it’s mostly about how it looks, well, think again. 

In fact, it’s probably the reason you’re not seeing the results you want.

Yes, your visual brand needs to be on point. Site visitors will know in microseconds if the brand feels right for them. So dial in those fonts, colors and logos. And your hero image should be a show-stopper, something that grabs the visitor’s attention and makes them want to see more. Choose wisely.

But your website isn’t another version of Pinterest or IG or TikTok. The best sites are so much more because it’s your online storefront. People are there to browse and buy – but they need more information than just pretty pictures and a contact form. 

Website visitors want content. At least, those who are serious about buying what you’re selling. And that’s what you should care about. All you need is 10, 20, 30 people each year who are serious about your services and crave insights to connect what they want with what you do to make that happen.

Unfortunately, most wedding pros’ websites don’t use the right words to share information couples need to make a decision on your services. 

Does anyone read anymore?

Maybe you’re one of those who believe “people don’t read anymore.” You’re partially correct. But here’s the missing part:

People don’t read bad writing. 

People won’t read if it’s boring.

And people certainly won’t read content that doesn’t speak directly to them.

Here’s a secret: People do read…good writing. That’s interesting. And about things that matter to them. 

Don’t trip over dimes to pick up pennies

If you’re like many wedding pros, you DIYed your copy. We see that all the time. You sit down at your keyboard and put words on your website. Why not? How hard can it be? After all, you aced English in high school, or maybe a creative writing class in college. 

And you can save a few bucks by not paying a professional to do it for you.

But you wouldn’t recommend a couple DIY their wedding, right?

Writing your own copy is like letting the couple’s best friend plan the wedding. 

Or the groom’s sister use her “nice” SLR to take wedding photos.

Or Aunt Betty (who really loves gardening) do the floral arrangements.

Or the father-of-the-groom grill for 100 people at the welcome BBQ.

We all know these approaches usually deliver less-than-hoped-for results. 

Writing for websites takes skill. And a thorough understanding of how people make decisions. And insights into how eyes move across screens. And deep dives into your buyer’s psychological triggers. And communication preferences. 

Which is why we see so many mistakes on wedding pros’ websites. Even if you hired a content copywriter who nailed your voice and made it sound just like you, your copy may be getting in the way of your future success

5 quick fixes for your website

Tune into this week’s episode of Own Your Business, where I’ll share five big copywriting mistakes you can do something about today. 

  • You’ll learn how many inquiries you need to make your numbers each year.

  • The hardest (and riskiest) parts of your website to DIY

  • 5 quick fixes that make a big impact on conversions


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