18 Ways to Get Referrals from Current Clients

Last week I shared two things that probably surprised you:

  1. Stop wasting so much time trying to get leads from IG

  2. Leave planners alone and seek referrals elsewhere

I want to be clear. I’m not saying to abandon all efforts in these areas. No way! Just be cautious of the law of diminishing returns.

If you’re like most wedding pros I work with you’re neglecting the single best source of new business: Current clients and clients you’ve worked with in the past year.

These couples should love working with you so much they can’t stop talking about and sharing the things you’re doing to make them so happy.

And all their friends are listening and watching to see if you could be the one to help them with their own wedding when they get married.

People share stories

So give them something to talk about…over their IG stories. (See, I don’t hate IG!) Couples want Instagrammable moments on more than just their wedding day. They want to share the journey of getting there too.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Thoughtful gift related to their upcoming honeymoon

  • Book(s) you know they’ll love

  • Date-night cards to inspire a break from wedding planning

  • Wine glasses with an inside-joke reference etched (better than a bottle of wine that’s consumed, glasses are used over and over and over)

  • Exquisite frame for a photo from their wedding

  • Share on your own IG stories a list of favorite romantic restaurants (and tag them)

  • Care package with living room picnic items for a date night

  • Gift certificate to a restaurant experience they’ll love

  • Self-care items like candles and bath salts

  • Orchid for their desk/office (because people will ask about it)

  • Massage-therapy gun (yes, I’m serious)

  • Actual (chair) massage at their workplace

  • Fun coasters of the engagement photos for their coffee table

  • Counter-top whiskey barrel with their name on it

  • Tips and tricks to be a good bridesmaid for her maid of honor

  • Gift certificate for a beauty treatment before the wedding

  • 3-month-out pre-versary gift

  • BTS IG slides of your work to get ready for the wedding

At this point I’m just making stuff up. But it’s good stuff! Find something that’s:

  1. Thoughtful

  2. Unexpected

  3. Related to their wedding

  4. Related to taking a break from their wedding

  5. Shared experience – on IG and IRL

You’re welcome.


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