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Wedding Copywriting

It’s finally time to upgrade that “good enough for now” version that’s not getting you the inquiries you want.

You’re ready for a site you can be proud of. One that attracts your favorite couples. And communicates your worth to potential clients. 

Let’s face it: You want a website that makes it easier to sell your services at higher prices.

So, you want to level-up your website?

where do you start?

Copy comes first.


Mix the psychology of selling with a voice that sounds like you to connect and convert more.

Copywriting is the salesperson for your online storefront.

We craft persuasive messages around your ideal client’s biggest desires to trigger their emotional motivations.

We identify what you currently do - and need to do in the future - for your brand to stand out in your field.

We conduct hours of interviews to record and study how you naturally communicate, and then infuse that into the copy.

Our websites are designed to sell

We incorporate market research from over 2,000 couples to fill your brand strategy with what potential clients want most.

We design sites around communication preferences rooted in buyer psychology so it’s easy for your ideal client to experience.

We provide a dedicated Client Experience Manager to anticipate site needs and guide you through to launch.

"Hire someone who is trained. Who understands the wedding market. Who gets what you are trying to accomplish. And who can nail your ideal customer on the first try. In short, hire Ideaction."

- julian leaver, planner

Ready to Hear More?

You get up to five pages of conversion copywriting for your site, and as many edits as you want. We (literally) guarantee you’ll love it - or your money back.

love your new copy


We research your ideal clients, dig deep into your business, share market research, and evaluate the comp set to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.

create a brand strategy


start the conversation

Reach out to share your biggest hopes for the new site. We’ll share a few different options to get you there, and customize a collection to fit all your needs.



Clients You Love

The best websites mix equal parts design and copy. Form and function. Creativity with conversion. What is being said with how it’s being communicated.

And start booking ideal clients who pay high(er) prices

Make copy more than an afterthought

The biggest reason our clients say “nailed it” when they receive their copy is because we spend 20-30 hours researching their brand, buyers and comp set before a single line of copy is written.

Not your typical copywriting process

in depth knowledge

what to expect

From Our Team

We’ve received over 20,000 answers from couples who were asked about their desires and concerns in picking wedding vendors. We infuse these and our deep knowledge of behavioral psychology into every new site.

We know your buyers better than you

Market research

Our copywriters are a full-time team, and we’re committed to your long-term success. All research, writing, and editing is done in-house by our experts. You can count on quality writing consistent with the sample sites we share.

You get full-time employees, not freelancers

Dedicated team

We design messages based on what your couple wants most: 1) Connection and guidance, 2) Information and expertise, 3) Results and next steps, or 4) Creativity and collaboration. This helps attract and repel the right people.

Trigger your ideal client

Different buyer types

We’ve designed the copywriting workflow to get sign-offs and input from you along the way, so you feel 100% confident at every step of the process. Oh…you’ll also get as many edits to the copy as you want. Love it, or we’ll write till it’s right.

Nothing less than perfection

Unlimited edits

Still looking for a website template, proposal template or or site designer? Good news: We can help with copywriting plus these three design components to give you a complete website with only one stop. 

Yes, we do design too

Customized design

"Their brand strategy blew us away and knew it needed to be a part of our website."

-abby jiu, photographer

I lead our team of six wedding copywriters, and you should know I’m involved in every. single. project. That matters, because I’ve had over 25 years of experience selling weddings in the luxury market.

We don’t just write copy. Our team helps you book more business. Isn’t that what you really want? To spend less time working and worrying about filling more dates on the calendar? 

My #1 job is to make sure the copy does more than just sound like you (even though that’s important). I’m laser-focused on turning your site into a 24/7 sales machine. One that works when you sleep. Or sip umbrella drinks on the beach. 

Hi! I'm Katy

Hey there!

So rest assured whichever one of our talented copywriters leads your project, you can count on me to connect the dots for your ideal clients to inquire more often.

Template + Copy Prompts


Yes, Let's Get Started!

ready to rake in the dough?


Brand Strategy + Copywriting



Comprehensive website


Off-the-shelf ready

We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

We offer payments plans with zero interest. Inquire for more information.

Start with a Website Audit

100-point evaluation on user experience, navigation, layout, content and more

Deep dive into best-practices for each and every page

Reduce bounce rates with easy improvements to the hero image and hook

Increase inquiries with simple tweaks to your contact page

We get it. A new website is a BIG project.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading, or want to know if your current design will bring ideal clients to your inbox, take the next (baby) step with a website review.

Not ready yet?

You get a comprehensive 360-degree look at your current site by one of our conversion experts.

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