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Fix Your Sales Process

Design a sales process based on buyer psychology

Stretch your natural way of selling to convert all 4 buyer types

Communicate messages that trigger emotional motivations  

Build immense value to justify higher prices

Pssst…”Dead zones” don’t exist. What’s actually happening is you’re charging more than the value you create. That’s why no one’s booking at your higher prices.

Stop Feeling Stuck

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” - Warren Buffett

I’ve obsessed about how to book more couples at higher prices for the past 17 years. I’ve personally booked 300+ couples for nearly $10,000,000 in revenue. But that’s not what makes our clients so successful. 

It’s the innovative way we apply behavioral science to the sales process.

Why? Because it removes all the guesswork. Buyer psychology. Communication theory. Choice architecture. I know how and why couples make decisions. And now you can too.

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Even better, I translate everything I know into simple, easy-to-implement actionable updates you can make to your sales process, sales messaging and sales skills convert more clients at higher prices.

You feel stuck at a price point that’s less than what your work is worth

You want to move into premium or luxury but don’t know how

You need help selling to different buyer types and planners

My approaches are for you if...

My approaches are not for you if...

You think you’ve reached your full potential 

You feel satisfied with a full calendar (and leaving $$ on the table)

You want a “magic” sales bullet to solve your problems

The sales process starts before a couple reaches out, which is why it’s crucial to make sure your social media, website and SERP results are working for you.

what you get

Sales Process Audit

The biggest deficiency - and quickest fix - is to look at the buying experience you create for your couples. Small tweaks here and there provide massive impact on outcomes.

Most client communication is done by email, so it’s a big deal if you’re missing the mark with what you write and how you phrase it, especially with certain buyer types.

When you know what to ask potential clients it makes all the difference on discovery calls. Learn what questions work best - and which ones backfire.

PSA: Your generic proposal (and certainly your PDF pricing guide) is failing you. Time to elevate your proposition to stand out from the comp set.

It’s possible to steer buyers to a particular option using “choice architecture.” I’ll pick apart what you’re selling and put it back together in a way that does the selling for you.

You can’t afford to wing it anymore. Every “no,” every “we decided to go in a different direction,” and every time you get ghosted is a lost opportunity. 

A chance to fill a date on your calendar. With a client you love. Whose celebration inspires you. And elevates your portfolio.

Stop trying to “fake it till you make it.” Bring in a ringer to show you exactly how to book more couples at higher prices.

Who has time to learn from their mistakes? Learn from a bona fide sales expert.

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Sales Process Audit

"Implementing your ideas and suggestions felt like slipping into a comfortable outfit and the new process respects my clients' dignity and offers a level of service and care that reflects my values."

- Leah
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