• How to set up, adjust, and optimize your sales process based on buyer types
  • Obstacles, roadblocks, and potential reasons couples may be ghosting you 
  • Pinpoint specific improvements and precise solutions that will completely transform the outcome of your sales process 
  • 7 steps of a successful sales process
  • 8 heuristics or “mental shortcuts” a strong sales process is designed around
  • 9 tactics to create ideal momentum and make it easier for buyers to say “yes”

Design A Sales Process Clients Love

Are you getting inquiries but having trouble converting them to clients? Maybe you’re filling your calendar, but wish you could charge more for your services? If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to take a look at the system you’re using.

In this masterclass you’ll discover a nuanced, client-centric, and science-backed way to sell your services that is significantly more successful than other generic approaches (especially at the luxury level).

Workbook included to help you identify and work through ways your sales system can be optimized to get results.

You'll Learn:

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